Multi-Vendor eCommerce site in Udaipur

Grow with Multi-Vendor eCommerce site in Udaipur

Ecompix gives the web development offering for supplier projects and customization, eCommerce website design, eCommerce software, multi-store eCommerce, multi-vendor eCommerce site in Udaipur. Moreover, a multi-vendor eCommerce site is essentially used for B2B, in between the business and business providers there’ll be having the traffic jam thereon they’re going to do business and eventually reach the buyer or customer.

Besides, multi-vendor eCommerce website offers customers a better number of products from different suppliers and thus a wider selection of products & services. Moreover, multi vendors or multi sellers can find out their own shopping store & sell products from their own catalog. Besides, multiple vendors, multiple sellers, or multiple suppliers can purchase & Sell their products & services from an equivalent Multi vendor platform.

Features Multi-vendor eCommerce site:

  • B2B opportunity
  • Unlimited numbers of vendor accounts
  • Multiple sellers can sell multiple products
  • Manage automatic payment/ online payment
  • Security
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Stay connected with sellers
  • Seller dashboard
  • Payment refund
  • CMS
  • Collective language
  • Besides, far more advanced function

Additional features:

  • Seller & Product approval and moderation
  • Owner & Seller commission management
  • Also, manage products and vendors

Multi-Vendor Website Features from Vendors Perspective:

  • Easy registration/listing for vendors.
  • Separate Mini Store for each Vendor
  • Individual Admin Panel
  • Language translations
  • Vendor locations
  • Real-time Shipping Calculations
  • Different Vendor’s Products in One Cart
  • Comments and reviews
  • Additionally, vendor account balance, sales reports.

Multi-Vendor Website Feature from Admin’s Perspective:

  • Multiple Levels of Administrative Access
  • Configurable Vendor Plans
  • A flexible product approval system
  • Advanced Vendor Restrictions
  • Advanced Vendor Payout System
  • Vendor debt payout
  • Moreover, detailed statistics and reports

Furthermore, structures we use to evolve multi-vendor eCommerce site in Udaipur

  • Collective vendor eCommerce Website improvement
  • Multi supplier eCommerce store development
  • eCommerce website improvement
  • Also, collective – supplier eCommerce store improvement

Ecompix is also expertise in ecommerce web development service.