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Grow your Business – Multi Vendor ECommerce Site

The all-new Open Source multi-vendor e-commerce site. Your own Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website prepared in minutes. ECOMPIX, Best Suited multi-seller eCommerce Marketplace Platform. ECOMPIX – Open Source Multi-Vendor eCommerce website Platform, planned, and grew in a perfect world for Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platforms. Besides, the setup alternatives like Seller-wise Order Management, Commission Settings, Seller Coupons. So forth are accessible with ECOMPIX which makes it an especially favored Free Open Source Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform. 

Multi-Seller Feature of ECOMPIX 

ECOMPIX isn’t just an ideal eCommerce programming but on the other hand, is a promising multi-merchant web-based business arrangement. With all the organization alternatives and customizations open with the framework. Also, you can without much of a stretch control the authorizations of your store while giving your merchants the experience of their dealer store. ECOMPIX is the Multi-merchant eCommerce programming that accompanies all the necessary arrangements. To offer your vendors the solace of posting their items on your store while procuring commissions. All these in no additional endeavors with the simple board of ECOMPIX. 

Yes, Your Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website 

Presently, Own an undeniable Marketplace with the potential arrangement of without complex multi-vendor e-commerce site programming. ECOMPIX is coded to the best business models and is an Open Source Platform, You can decide to broaden and tweak ECOMPIX according to your necessities. Also, the setups accessible in the framework are to the best of the client’s necessities, where you can change to the Multi-merchant eCommerce site in a tick. Moreover, ECOMPIX is created to serve the clients without breaking a sweat, letting them modify the framework and set the authorization of the Seller Store appropriately.
Ecompix is also expertise in eCommerce web development service.

Free multi-vendor eCommerce site 

Furthermore, in the event that you are searching for a multi-seller shopping basket arrangement with a Returns Management framework, Look no more. ECOMPIX is the correct decision to keep up your RMA procedure.

Why Multi-Seller Ecommerce?

Is it a successful model? 

Full oversight to Admin 

The administrator oversees merchants, orders, commissions, items, and significantly more. Moreover, it additionally wins a commission on each request without putting resources into stock. 

Opportunity to Merchants 

Give total opportunity and straightforwardness to merchants so they can enroll effectively and begin selling in a matter of seconds. 

Immense Product Options for Customers 

Clients get a rich item inventory and serious valuing by picking items offered by different sellers in a similar truck. 


Straightforward and enabling highlights of Ecompix multi-merchant commercial center 

Merchant Self-Registration 

Fast and simple merchant enrollment permits sellers to enlist with complete subtleties. A one of a kind seller account is made for every merchant by filling subtleties in a straightforward enrollment structure. Complete subtleties of the seller organization, address, login, bank subtleties, and so forth caught in one go.

Endorsement Flow 

The administrator has full control to affirm or dismiss the items transferred by the sellers. Items transferred by sellers can be shown on the commercial center simply after endorsement from the administrator accordingly applying a mind to any undesirable item transfers. 

Seller Dashboard 

Separate Vendor dashboard for every seller gives a simple comprehension of stock and request status. The seller gets a preview of his business utilizing the dashboard which gives request rundown, arranging usefulness, deals report, top-rated items, income subtleties, and considerably more. 

Item Management 

Permit simple administration of items by sellers wherein merchants can include, alter, overhaul items by signing in. Also, give them the power to include and see total stock, item variations, item subtleties, valuing pictures, and so forth. Transfer items in mass utilizing CSV. 

Administrator Dashboard 

The entrepreneur gets a total outline of the ordinary business by signing into the administrator board. Also, get the fine subtleties of each part of your systematic deals, income, seller execution, top of the line items, and so on to assist you with bettering business the board. 

Seller Management by Admin 

The administrator/storekeeper has full control of seller exercises and gets a point by point outline of merchant execution. Above all, the administrator can include, support, or reject sellers and their items, see total merchant subtleties, figure his bonus and payouts, investigate the presentation of the merchant, online store, and traffic. 

Commission set up 

Set up adaptable Commissions for merchants relying upon their chain of importance or item classifications. Also, include fixed or rate savvy commission rules. Include charge rules and effectively figure out commission on each request. 

Stock Management 

Get away from merchant explicit stock and monitor accessible stock and items with them. Arrangement rules to show items as in stock or unavailable for all or explicit merchants. 

Brought together Notifications 

Send notices to storekeepers, merchants, and clients educated utilizing email, SMS, program, and versatile pop-up messages. Also, be on each business movement with convenient notices at different activity levels. 

Transportation and Discounts 

Set up seller explicit delivery charges and limits to advance your top rated merchants or items. Especially, browse different transportation accomplices to improve delivery costs and amplify ROI. 

Request and delivery the executives by Vendor 

Permit merchants to deal with their requests and boat their items with no intercession. Moreover, furnish a simple perspective on orders with complete subtleties of open, dropped, and shut requests. Besides, permit sellers to produce and print a receipt, transport request, stamped delivered request, drop a request, and so on. 

Dealer Ledger 

Get an extensive Vendor record to ascertain and follow the installments/receivables for Vendors. Besides, view total subtleties of seller record including exchanges, pending requests, and solicitations. Also, set up record rules, oversee payouts, and get total history and records of every merchant in a couple of snaps. 

Dealer Page 

Every dealer gets an extraordinary merchant page toward the front that causes them to get unified client consideration. Moreover, the dealer page contains a total merchant profile and all the items recorded by him on your commercial center. 

Backing for Adaptive Payments 

Furthermore, utilizing versatile installment the requested sum consequently gets split by installment passage. Additionally, the dealer sum, just as the administrator commission, naturally gets paid in merchant and administrator accounts legitimately from the installment door. Moreover, this arrangement gives GST and other tax reductions to little merchants. 


The assessment settings have the arrangement to give the dealer control of expenses. Also, assessments are accessible at item level allowing merchants to choose and apply distinctive expenses on their items. 

Returns and Refunds 

Addition client certainty by offering disentangled returns and discounts. Get the capacity to offer simple returns or discounts for every item transported by various merchants. Besides, venders can likewise oversee discounts at their end. 

Merchant Comparison 

Permit clients to think about costs or channel items dependent on merchants. Also, permit your clients to examine, rate, and survey merchant profiles dependent on request understanding. 

Coordinated Shipping 

Moreover, offer limited delivery with the best coordinations suppliers across 20,000+ PIN codes.