Online Grocery App

Ecompix – Grocery skin allows you to sell groceries on your customer’s doorsteps.

With the Online Grocery App, you can easily have groceries delivered to your home. In the app, you add products to a shopping list. You can use this list if you decide to go shopping yourself, but you can also choose to have these groceries delivered at home. In the app, you can also see exactly when the groceries are delivered so that you do not miss the delivery person.

Our mission is to enable better quality food for a wide audience. That is why we focus entirely on super fresh, quality of food at the moment. This is only possible if we buy directly and have a good relationship with the makers and growers of our food.

Designed your Grocery App with ecommerce web application development in Udaipur and also you can find here eCommerce web development service in Udaipur.

For questions and/or comments, call or app with the debit your home: 9950834560

Featurs of app:

  • admin login
  • user login
  • add to cart
  • Whishlist
  • Checkout
  • Wallet payment
  • Net banking