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Food Ordering App – Online Food Order – Food Delivery and Online payment Gateway

Food Ordering App got its name from the most popular food Ordering app: Food Ordering. This is also the most complete. Since many people use the app, most cafeterias and restaurants in your area have joined this app. Ordering food is therefore very easy.

After entering your zip code, you can see which restaurants deliver to your house within a radius of several kilometers. At the top, you see the different cuisines where you can choose dishes. Click on the dishes you want to have delivered at home and pay in the app. You will have a delicious hot meal on your plate within 45 minutes to an hour. Pick up food is also possible.

App designed by ecommerce web application development in Udaipur.

For questions and/or comments, call or app with the debit your home: 9950834560.

Featurs of app:

  • admin login
  • user login
  • add to cart
  • Wishlist
  • Checkout
  • Wallet payment
  • Net banking